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Police raids MLM Companies

Rajasthan Police conducted searches on Bhilwara based Multi Level Marketing(MLM) Companies RCM Business and Starnet in possible fraud case and irregularities in these MLM Companies.  RCM Business is one of MLM companies where police raids on saturday. Meanwhile police seize RCM Servers and Vehicles. Police orders directors of RCM not to leave country while Four officers of RCM has been arrested by Police as per sources. Though there are no clear estimations on money. Former BJP MLA Ramrichpal Nuwal owns the MLM comapany Starnet which may bring political storm in rajasthan in upcoming days.
 “RCM has its branches in almost every district in the rajasthan state. So help from various district police forces needs to be sought to find the financial irregularities in the company,” said Dutta. Police have also registered at least a dozen cases of fraud and cheating against the company and its directors. RCM used to invite people to become members by paying Rs 1,500; and those members were instead asked to bring in more members to avail a commission of 10%, said police. “We have also scanned the bank accounts of the directors and found that they had 40 current accounts in 15 different banks. We have asked the bank authorities to stop payment,” he added. Police added RCM was initially registered as Fashion Suitings Pvt. Ltd in 2000. “Till date, no company by the name RCM has been registered under the Company Act,” he said. The company has nearly 1.27 crore members as per TOI Report.
Dear readers we are amazed on reaction on recent development on MLM Companies like RCM, Starnet, Preeya Pariwar and others and police investigation on possible fraud cases, Some of our RCM Fans want proof instead of helping people or showing right path

RCM Business - Right Concept Marketing

RCM Business is mainly set up by Fashion Suitings Pvt. Ltd., Bhilwara (Rajasthan) which originally belongs to the reputed Chhabra Group, which is engaged in textile business since the year 1977. This group has entered into it's own production in the year 1986 and Now it's annual capacity is more than 3 crore meter for suiting manufacturing. Thus it stands among the top five companies in India in suiting manufacturing.

At present, This company is growing its branches more wider and wider in India. and growing ever-since, with more than 1.8 crores of distributors, more than 100 depots, more than 5000 PUCs, and more than 800 Bazaars & Shopping Points and more than 850 quality products and now blooming up to its standing highest and hugest in the field of NETWORK MARKETING. The Distribution Locations were given an altogether brand new profile and the whole system was innovated in epitomized outlook. By creating competence in latest Techniques and Technologies and having made all the business operations online, Now the company proudly claims of prioritizing Quality over Quantity, and this mainly requires intensive out reach of innovative inspirational literature and extensive research.

High quality products and original services to distributor constitute the company's main objectives. This now clearly demonstrates that this group is genuinely concerned and more dedicated to the overall growth of all the distributors and shall be bringing out huge quality products to enhance their BV CV and Financial Freedom.
RCM is a new concept, therefore so many questions arise in the mind of distributors. Some of these frequently asked questions and theirs answers have been listed here.

Q) How to Start RCM ?
Ans:  One has to prepare for the following things before starting RCM – Before introducing RCM to someone you should be dressed with RCM clothes because quality of the clothes speaks for itself. S please get the clothes stitched from a good tailor after getting your kit. Use all RCM Products. Please make a set of tools such as book Jeevan Ek Khoj, Marketing Plan Book, Product Catalogue, CD-RCM An Introduction, RCM Times etc.
Make a list of all prospective persons in Building Quality Team Book to be contacted for this purpose.
Arrange for a home meeting at your place and invite all your family and relatives and ask your up line to address the meeting. Initial 5 to 10 plan show should be conduct in the presence of the up line and when you think you are confident enough to show the plan and can answer all the questions and queries efficiently then you can start to show the plan on your own.
It is necessary for you to collect the complete knowledge of the RCM. For this, you must read related books, listen CD, attend RCM Academy Course, converse with active and successful distributors and the company and read RCM Times. Make a time-schedule to be given to this work everyday.

Commission on Slabs:

Upto 2,499 = 0%
2,500 = 1%
5,000 = 2%
10,000 = 3%
20,000 = 4%
40,000 = 5%
80,000 = 6%
1,60,000 = 7%
2,50000 = 8.5%
3,50,000 = 10%
If there is any business volume in your down line it would increase your commission and not decrease in any case it is explained as-
Example 1-Your Self Purchases 6000 B.V.
Down Line Business    0
Your Net Commission 6000x2% -Rs. 120/-
Example 2- Your Self Purchase 6000 B.V.
Purchase of A leg          7000 B.V.
Your Total Commission 13000x2%-Rs. 390/-
Less-Group A’s Commission 7000x2%-Rs. 140/-
Your Net Commission    -250/-
Example 3- Your Self Purchase -6000 B.V.
Group A’s Purchase        7000 B.V.
Group B’s Purchase        8000 B.V.
Your Total Commission 21000x4%-Rs. 840/-
Less-Group A’s Commission 7,000X2%-Rs. 140/-
Less-Group B’s Commission 8,000X2%-Rs. 160/-
Your Net Commission       Rs.540/-

Thus you have dual opportunity to get the profit. You get income on your repurchase along with income form the business volume of down line. So it is more fruitful to put effort on both side; self purchase and down line purchase. By making regular purchase you get biggest benefit which is of Loyalty Plan. You get Primary Promotional Amount, Monthly Promotional Amounted Yearly Promotional Amount. For this you need to study the Loyalty Plan in detail.

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